7 Steps on How to Seduce a Straight Guy


So, you want to seduce a straight guy? The odds, believe it or not, are actually in your favour, if you know the right techniques. To seduce a straight guy requires work and subtlety, which makes it all that more rewarding when you eventually succeed. Learning these 7 simple steps on how to seduce a straight guy will stand you in very good stead.

1) The Approach

As you’re walking into a bar, have a look around. If you want to seduce a straight guy, don’t go and stand or sit next to him, as this can come across as a bit aggressive. Instead place yourself at some distance, but in eye contact range of him.

To seduce a straight guy, check to see if he makes any eye contact, but don’t stare. If he catches your eye twice or more, then this is a good indicator that he could be interested. If he does catch your eye, throw in a wry smile, but nothing too obvious. If you’re not getting any form of eye contact, don’t worry, you can still proceed with the next stage of the approach.

When you go to buy your next drink, this time, stand near him.

You have a couple of options here.

Say “hi”. Let him respond. If he doesn’t, then it’s a good idea to desist at this point. If he does respond, then ask a question, but keep it in context and don’t pry. Ask something that you know he will agree with, such as “isn’t it absolutely sweltering out there?” He will then reply, “yeah, tell me about it”.

You have just broken the ice.

However, if you want to seduce a straight guy and possess a wicked sense of humour, you can make a funny remark. This however really does depend on your self-confidence.

2) Gauge interest

Once you’ve struck up a conversation with him, to be able to seduce a straight guy, he needs to be interested in what you have to say. Does he get your humour, or at least pretend to? Is he asking questions about you? Does he constantly make eye contact with you? If all these apply, then in all likelihood, he’s interested.

Bear in mind however, that if his attention is constantly drawn elsewhere, such as another woman in the vicinity, then it’s obvious that he is not interested, and this is your cue to desist and move onto someone else.

3) Discuss a common interest, show your expertise

While trying to seduce a straight guy, should he share a common interest with you, and you are somewhat of an expert on it, he will actually gain respect for you and even possibly look up to you. This will certainly help you achieve your aim.

4) Relationship status

To seduce a straight guy, you’ll need to raise the issue of relationships. Mention the relationship you ended a while back and gauge his response. Always refer to your ex-boyfriend as your ex “partner” and don’t let on that it was another man, yet. What this does, is let him know, on a very subtle level, which side you bat for. If he responds to you by also mentioning his former “partner” and not actually mention a girlfriend or a wife, this is a very good indicator that he could be showing his interest in you, on a sexual level.

However if he does mention a wife or a girlfriend, then be very careful how you proceed, but don’t give up just yet!

5) Don’t be pushy

This is where most gay men fall flat on their face. Straight guys don’t think like gay guys. When attempting to seduce a straight guy who plays the field, it’s all about subtlety. To seduce a straight guy, you have to drop hints, and most definitely not show your interest for him physically in a public place.

6) Bringing up the subject of homosexuality

This is a sensitive subject but try to incorporate it in whatever conversation you are having when trying to seduce a straight guy, and tread carefully. You could possibly mention the fact that one of your mates has just done something really impressive, or just any story about one of your mates, and just drop it in the conversation that your mate happens to be gay. Make sure to let him know that you are very open-minded and don’t have an issue with homosexuality at all.

What you have done here is given yourself the opportunity to test the waters.

If he lets on that he has an issue with homosexuality, then you know where you stand. And what’s brilliant about using this technique is that you didn’t even tell him that you’re gay, all he knows is that you have a very liberal and open mind, nothing more.

If he however expresses that he doesn’t have an issue with homosexuality, then proceed to the next step on how to seduce a straight guy.

7) Going for the kill

Okay, so he doesn’t have an issue with gays. That doesn’t mean he wants to have sex with you, although it is a good indicator that he could be interested.

This is where you can start mentioning that apparently 10% of all males are gay, or something like, “not everyone is 100% gay or straight, but that most people have a certain degree of both.”

Now this is important, if he agrees with you, you’ve scored. He is basically telling you in a very roundabout way that he either has gay tendencies or at the very least would like to experiment.

When the conversation has drawn to a close, swap contact details and arrange to meet up for either another drink, coffee or whatever else. You must not put pressure for him to go back to yours on your first meet as you will no doubt scare him off.

Finally, the most important thing when you want to seduce a straight guy, is don’t be pushy, do it in their time and make sure that they can trust you.


Source by Jose Amadeus

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