Algeria Gay Bars – Are There Any?


Algeria is a big country situated in North Africa; this is an ideal holiday location for a large number of people each year. There are currently no gay bars or gay clubs in Algeria but there are a number of places you can go in order to enjoy the culture and the somewhat interesting nightlife.

Algeria is not one of the first places a gay traveller would think of going to on a jaunt. Algeria is a very conservative Muslim country where alcohol consumption and overt heterosexual activity is frowned upon, let alone homosexual activity. The operative word here is overt, however. There is a gay scene but it is very discreet and operates underground for fear of lynching.

With no gay clubs or bars in the country you will be pleased to know that there are still a variety of places which offer discos; usually hotels. The entrance fees are usually high but there are usually a few drinks that come with. The bars in Algeria are mainly coffee and tea bars and you are likely to spend your afternoons getting to know the locals in a coffee or tea bar. Getting to know the locals may be the way to find out about unadvertised locales and events that may be of interest to you.

Please exercise caution at all times and and do show your respect to the local community and their traditions. What may not be available in public, may be available at private functions or parties but you have to always behave in a legal and socially acceptable manner. Disobedience and unruly behaviour is considered taboo and frowned upon and in some cases may cost you a night in jail or worse.


Source by Mirna Khoury

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