Australian Postal Union May Ban Delivery of the Plebiscite Vote on Gay Marriage


This is so dividing the country already. Hate posters are appearing all over and children are targeted and victimised for their sexuality or other things related to the free vote on same-sex marriage. Children who are transgender and/or fighting their sexual identities are being hurt. There are also many who are in such families. The outcome from this ridiculous postal vote may get a lot worse before it gets better.

On the latest news is a report that the Australian Postal Union may ban delivery of the vote. While it is reportedly costing some $Au122 million the whole thing is nothing more than a trick on the part of politicians to protect the sacrament of marriage within the Catholic Church.

Marriage is what the religion depends on to drag people into its fold. It is a law carried by the Amor to Roma (reverse Amor) where a descendant, Constantine, established the religion in 325 AD. It is based on the rituals of Babylon, the Capital City of the Persian Empire. Marriage was a dream of men who were crucified and rose up to ‘marry Mary’, the sun.

Now we are debating whether or not homosexuals should be allowed the same rights as homosexuals. The question is why? As marriage is a farce what harm does it do to allow loving couples to have a legal status.

If the votes ever reach the public, then think hard about the effect on the entire community if one votes no. It is not only gay people who will suffer but the children who at this stage may not even know why they feel ‘different’.

It may be a brave act for the union to refuse to deliver the postal vote and it may have a lot of support from the general public if that is the decision they take.


Source by Norma Holt

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