Being Gay – Born Or Acquired?


Over the weekend, I had a Feng Shui audit assignment. After the audit is over, the client had a drink with me and enquired as to how one can ascertain if a person is gay from the Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu chart of that person. I gladly obliged and explain using the Zi Wei Dou Shu (“ZWDS”) chart of a gay person, how we can be sure that person is a gay.

Some of you may think it is no big deal given that there are some write ups in the market on what are the tell-tale signs in a Bazi or ZWDS chart of a gay. However, having research extensively these writeups in the market, I remain convinced the authors of these writeups made little headway in the technique of determining a gay Bazi or ZWDS chart. The reason for my saying so is because they use very general rules like “overly Yang or overly Yin Bazi” or “Yang star in the Self Palace of a female ZWDS chart or Yin star in the Self Palace of a male ZWDS chart. This is like the chef proclaiming he can whip up a dish of Indian curry because he can best describe the dish as spicy – the fundamental description is right but vague and does nothing to suggest the efficacy of the sayer.

Bazi and ZWDS originated from ancient China whereby homosexuality does not exist or is not known to exist. Naturally, there are no classical text from the forefathers of Bazi and ZWDS that touch on determining homsexuality from their respective astrological charts. However, the principles of these arts are applicable in the modern society as well. What is required, is for a practitioner of these arts that are able to apply the principles of these 2 arts in the modern context by thorougly understanding the principles behind rather than by memorizing classical texts of these arts by hard.

There are some Bazi and ZWDS practitioners that staunchly takes the view that being gay is an acquired lifestyle because in the Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu clearly divides the line between Yin and Yang and therefore gay-ism (whereby Yin and Yang are mixed) does not conform to the laws of nature. Likewise the staunchest of followers of religion will also take the stand that homosexuality is not inborn because their gods will not have in their blueprint, gays that are neither end of the sexuality spectrum.

For those that are practising Bazi or ZWDS and takes the view that gay-ism is an acquired lifestyle (because Yin and Yang are distinct) can do better with understanding the classical phrase in our study of “in every Yin there is Yang, in every Yang, there is Yin). If homosexuality is not inborn, we will never be able to determine it from the astrological (ie Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu) charts of gays. Having analysed the astrological charts of many celebrity and non-celebrity gays, I am convinced that my self-developed methods of determining gay-ism from the astrological charts are accurate.


Source by Ken Toh J

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