Being HIV Positive Requires to Change Lifestyle – HIV Positive Man Shares His Life Experience


HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) continues to be a global concern, courtesy of the ignorance of people across the world. It is this ignorance that leads to transmission of HIV. In addition, as most people are unaware of the symptoms and reasons behind this deadly condition, it has become a chronic problem.

This is an interview of an Anonymous Person, a resident of Florida who was diagnosed with HIV 3 years ago. He shares his experience with us.

How old are you?

I am 24.

Who did you get HIV from?

Since I discovered my fondness for men, I have been involved with only one man. He was 3 years elder to me and doing his graduation at a local university. Our relationship lasted for about 1 year and during that period we got physical only once. I was diagnosed with HIV 8 months after we broke up.

Prior to getting physical, I asked him if he was medically fit and his answer was positive. I don’t blame him as he was unaware of the situation when it all happened.

What symptoms did you experience that made you appear for a HIV test?

Everything was absolutely fine for about 4 months after we had sex for the first and last time. As time passed by, I noticed a drastic loss in weight. I have been a basketball player since my school days. My stamina reduced and I would get tired very soon.

I started to forget things more often. I realized that this wasn’t something normal and a part of some kind of a chain reaction. Eventually, I developed skin rashes. It was only then that I started researching about the symptoms that pointed to HIV.

Have you been in any relationship since you were diagnosed?

No. I am currently single. However, I have searched for some STD dating sites and joined and have been interacting with a few men on a regular basis. The best thing about these websites is that all of us have HIV and getting into a relationship wouldn’t pose any health risk in case we come together in the future.

We know that HIV diminishes immunity? What have you been doing in order to stay healthy?

Being HIV positive requires an individual to change his lifestyle. Since my diagnosis, I have been inconstant touch with my physician and followed a strict daily regime. I start my day with jogging followed by yoga. When it comes to diet, I have accommodated a lot a organic stuff such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

I no longer consume oily foods, cigarette or alcohol. However, mental health is important and this is where I find it difficult to cope up. Besides, music has helped me a lot.


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