Chlamydia Calamity


Most people know of the sexually transmitted disease known as Chlamydia, however, the majority of the public has little idea what it is really all about. Just knowing that it is an STD is not enough. People should know the symptoms, how it is tested for, and the fact that IT IS CURABLE.

So, here are some things you should know about this sexually transmitted disease. First, to get a Chlamydia test, you don’t need a complete physical exam, just a urine sample. However, getting a physical is usually a good idea, just to be on the safe side. If you’re age 24 or younger and you’ve ever had sex, you owe it to yourself to get tested as soon as you can. A yearly Chlamydia test is recommended for all sexually active individuals younger than age 25.

You need to remember that you can infect your partner again, or they to you, after you’ve both been treated. People without symptoms of an infection often forget to take prescribed antibiotics on schedule or stop treatment before they should. The fact is, you can catch Chlamydia over and over again. Treatment doesn’t defend you from having another Chlamydia infection, even if you only have sex once or twice after you’re being treated.

Chlamydia testing is also a must for pregnant women. You should be tested as early in your pregnancy as possible. If your test is positive, you and your partner should both be treated. Also, if you start a new relationship during your pregnancy, tell your provider so you can get tested again. Luckily, uncomplicated Chlamydia is easy to treat and cure with antibiotics. The treatment is the same for men and women. There are two main treatment options.

During and after treatment, it is important to remember a few things, such as:
* Abstain from intercourse for the while you’re on medication and for one week afterwards to prevent any complications.
* If you and your partner finish the medication as directed, it is not necessary to go back to your provider for a recheck.
* If your symptoms persist, for further evaluation make an appointment to see your health provider.

Having a sexually transmitted disease can be embarrassing to talk about, but if you know what to do, or how to deal with the situation, it takes a lot of the stress away. Get informed about other STDs, and be smart.

Chlamydia Facts- learn about how it is tested for, dealt with, and how it can be avoided. Get all the facts on this STD.


Source by Lesley Curtis

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