Discover How HIV Enters The Bloodstream And Kills CD4 Cells


HIV is not a communicable disease like the flu or cold. It is not easily transmitted because the virus is not in the air. For you to get the Human Immunodeficiency Virus you must come into contact with an infected person’s body fluids. These are semen, vaginal discharge like menstrual blood, breast milk, blood or fluids from the inner lining of the anus. It is only through a HIV test that you can know your current status. The saliva will contain antibodies released by the body while trying to fight the HIV. It will not contain adequate germs to help diagnose this infection with precision.

But the germ is able to enter the bloodstream through the thin lining of the mouth, eyes, genitals or anus. This fragile germ can also enter your bloodstream via wounds and cuts on your skin. There are some men and women out there who are misinformed about how the virus enters the body. It will never get into the bloodstream through mouth to mouth resuscitation, sharing public facilities like swimming pools, coming into contact with a wound on healthy skin, being sneezed on, bitten or kissed.

The virus cannot get stuck on towels, utensils or clothes. If a mosquito bites an infected person and then you, it cannot pass the HIV to you. So do not be afraid to live with a HIV-positive person. If you have a friend who lives dangerously, sexually, talk them into getting a HIV test today. This is one way of being a good friend to them. If they are afraid of being stigmatized, then you could order a HIV home test kit for them from an internet pharmacy store. HIV infects the CD4 cells of the immune system making it so weak that it cannot block or fight infections.

The role of the CD4 cells is to safeguard the body against all kinds of disease-causing pathogens. The human immunodeficiency virus uses these cells to replicate itself to various copies. These copies then start to come out of the CD4 cells, slaying them in the process. This attack process will repeat itself until the immune system’s CD4 cells number (CD4 count) becomes fatally low. This can take up to a decade and your body will be functioning just fine. When the count becomes too low, the immune system will stop working and the late-stage HIV infection (AIDS) symptoms will materialize.

If a HIV test is not done as quickly as possible the victim might die of some forms of cancer, tuberculosis and pneumonia among other diseases. The most commonly done HIV test requires a blood sample. A small drop of blood is collected and inspected in a laboratory. In about four weeks after exposure to the germ the blood test can give a reliable result. There is also a saliva test these days. A swab is used to collect a saliva sample from the mouth. This type is not effective as soon as you get infected. It gives result only if three months have passed since the risk event. The dried blood spot HIV test is also common. A finger is pierced to remove a drop of blood which is then placed onto a filter paper.


Source by Sharmila Chakraborty

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