Europe swings both ways


Europe rocks. Unconditional proof: The EU overwhelmingly passed a resolution last month against “Homophobia in Europe”.

Liberals dance in the streets and the atmosphere is gay, unless you dare to disagree, as Don Feder puts it in “HOMOPHOBIA”, DEMOGRAPHY, ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION AND EUROPEAN DEATH WISH, stating: “His campaign against homophobia is only the latest example of Europe’s rejection of Judeo-Christian morality.”

Europe oscillates from one extreme to the other. Still resentful of a history subject to the rigid rule of those under the influence of the Vatican, Europeans have gone too far in denying the leading role professed Christianity has played on their stage.

The Europeans of wrestling for all have stubbornly refused to acknowledge their Catholic roots with a nod to the proposed Constitution; Roots that Pope John Paul II begged them to remember from Santiago and elsewhere. How can these rogue European leaders meet the huge challenges that lie ahead? It takes strong minds and a strong character, the willingness to face harsh reality and not just wipe it out with pretty clichés.

What will strike the “fear of God” in the dark and deceptive heart of Europe? What wonders can the Bavarian Pope perform to make the masses eat again from his hand? Will a nuclear Iran or a belligerent Egypt (suffering a coup) break the party and awaken the living dead or has Europe become a reprobate without conscience or future?

Is pagan Europe capable of becoming a reconverted continent? With the double-edged sword of Islam and secularism about to slaughter them, will the errant EU act in time with a cool head and let logic and biblical reason prevail?

Should the European Union choose between Catholicism and hedonism? Secularism certainly couldn’t save them because ethnic Europeans would die or be outnumbered by immigrant armies with their reproduction jihad. Empty secularism could never resist the urge and determination of foreign bodies that would strip them of their carnal freedoms. Will Europe view Catholicism as the lesser of two evils when they realize that the writing is on the wall and they must choose? After all, it is a familiar face and not that of a stranger.

Mr. Feder’s penetrating piece concluded: “The book that the European intelligentsia has rejected holds the key. In it, God says to Israel: ‘I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. therefore choose the life, which both you and your seed could live. ‘”

What many Northwest Europeans do not recognize is their Hebrew roots, their Israelite origin, and that the Book they must follow does not sanction Islam or Catholicism, but warns against both! There are an alternative way that Herbert Armstrong, ambassador of world peace without political portfolio, presented before many of his heads of state.

If Europe misses this unique opportunity to do well, to remember its biblical roots and responsibilities, it will soon fall under the spell of Germany and the Jesuits and turn right again: “… the new Europe – a rough beast crawling towards Brussels …” is about to be struck by lightning – turned into a bloodthirsty beast that bows to Berlin.


Source by David Ben-Ariel

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