Gays – Nurture or Nature?


“Hey quickly look, see that guy over there”, let us face the fact these are the stereotypical comments we tend to pass whenever we encounter such an individual who is amongst us but most probably we try to isolate this person just because he is a bit different, can you justify this? Let us start from the basics. A gay is generally a person who is sexually attracted to the same sex, can be addressed as a homosexual. Today we will examine the intricacies of this as well as examine the reasons and controversies that are associated with it. Intensive research has been undertaken to find the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation but no findings have been able to prove that these feelings emerging within an individual are determined by a specific factor.

One of the controversies so proclaims that less gendered socialization in early childhood or preadolescence can ultimately result in a same sex romantic preference. Few reports also state that higher rates of fetal loss, low birth weights and physical deformity can cause disruption in the development. It may result in ultimately bringing these individuals towards homosexuality. If we see deeper there are a variety of psychological reasons which can eventually lead an individual to become a homosexual. We will carefully observe those. The first one is unhealthy childhood relationships with females. Who says only males can wound girls? Girls in multiple ways do the same to any male existing in her environment. If we consider females it includes mothers, sisters, female relatives and other extended family members. Criticizing one for his weaknesses, lowering his morale can cause lasting feelings of shame, insecurity and lack of self confidence which is mandatory for one’s survival in this dog eat dog world.

Feminizing male, passing disgraceful comments and trying to sexualize him by commenting and mocking on one’s body shape. It may seem as a joke but it has disastrous effects making the male either moving away from females by rejecting or developing hatred towards them, on the contrary there are many chances that males may feel endangered by women and thus prefer to establish a relationship with a same sex as a safer choice making him a homosexual. In one’s childhood after encountering unhealthy relationships with females can cause a man’s concept of females to be distorted hence distancing themselves and perceiving all women to be dominating, powerful, controlling and manipulative.

Due to these experiences a male can feel overpowered, inferior and develop complexes. Hence feeling incapable of getting into a relationship with a female hence the individual finds it better to be with a same sex companion. The consequences are such that one starts feeling incongruent with one’s own genders as they have perceived themselves as inappropriate and inefficient. Constant allegations on one to be called feminine can cause the unconscious mind to be drawn towards males. Sexual abuse by males and early exposure to pornography can also aid in intensifying homosexuality. Have you ever been a victim of child abuse or molestation? There are chances for you being prone towards this. As we are living in the 21st century there are many cultural influences that have highly affected today’s generations. The homosexuality culture is something that makes oneself curious and wishes to explore new avenues. Pro-homosexual sex education and also depictions of homosexuality as a casual behavior has leaded an individual to choose a ‘Gay” life.

Is it wrong or right? Acceptable or Unacceptable? We are no one to judge this. All we can do is treat all individuals with equality and respect. Can’t we?


Source by Nitin Rathod

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