Home HIV Testing Kit To Target At Risk Groups


It is hoped that the new home kits will be on sale in the UK from sometime late on in 2014. While there is a lot of confidence in them, there will still be the need to go to a clinic and have a confirmation test if it does appear that the results are positive or reactive in other words. The introduction of an HIV home test kit has been a long time coming, and there is a belief that their introduction is going to be beneficial in many ways. First of all, some people are going to be concerned about going to a clinic and will shy away from being tested.

This is not going to be good for them as they are likely to miss out on treatment that could be helpful early on, plus they could carry on with their old ways and infect others. Taking this HIV test could turn out to be the best thing they ever do. There were concerns while tests were being developed and that was no 2 fronts. Firstly it was the accuracy of the kit as there could be serious problems caused if someone got the wrong results. Secondly it has to be easy to use and the results have to be easy to interpret. This is not just when it comes to the overall result, but the time when the test should be taken.

There will be a period when the result may show as negative as the HIV antibodies are not showing up yet. Once the HIV test has been taken there needs to be a system in place that ensures all people will be able to get onto a programme and one that is at the right level for them. In some cases the infection will have been recently caught, but there will be some cases where it has been there for years, but just not dealt with. One of the main reasons that the home HIV test is so important to the UK is the fact that there are still so many people not seeking help as quickly as they should.

It is not something that is going to suddenly appear on the shelves as there has been a lot of research carried out and there is even a guide in place for commissioning bodies to get advice from the organizations close to the people affected. It is frightening to see the number of people who are shying away from being tested and it is hoped that the HIV test kit will be the thing that makes them take that step. The number of people in the “at risk” category who have never been tested is frightening and the more ways to reach them the better.


Source by Stephen Abbott

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