How Can a Gay Flirt With a Straight Guy?


Do you want to learn how to flirt with a straight guy? Although it may take some time for you to recognize the likes and dislikes of the guy, you may be able to pick some simple cues while flirting with a straight guy. It is not so tricky to start flirting with a straight guy. As a bisexual or a gay companion, you stand a better chance than all other women out there. Do you want to know why? A straight guy may be interested in another man simply because he does not want to fall into traps of a relationship with a woman. Maybe he’s hurt in the past, and there are so many men turn into gays because of getting hurt from previous relationship. Women can be more of a responsibility at times!

If you want to flirt with a straight guy, it is best to go quick. Even though men are more casual about conversations; when it comes to sex, they are right around the corner. Most often, straight guys like not more than sexual pleasures with their bisexual or gay mates. So, they want to get on it fast and furious. So, take it as an advice – Do not harp on a relationship with a straight guy. If you want to flirt with them, you may try your luck at small talks but they are really into the big thing “sex” and that’s all…

Well, there are several ways you can flirt with a straight guy. Try to offer him a friendly chat at a dinner party, or a late night drink. Grab a mug of beer and set a cheerful mood for an extended discussion. In no time, you will find him opening up and getting closer to you. While this may not exactly mean that he is attracted to you, it definitely means that he is looking at you as his confidante, a friend to share the good and the bad times. You may consider that your flirting is nearly successful at this point. If, however, he does not break in, it is very possible that he is not interested in you at all.

Stop right then!

While trying to flirt with a straight guy, you must remember that you can not treat all men alike. Men have different preferences for finding relief in the times of distress and perceive things differently. So, if you start flirting with a straight guy, it will be best to collect cues as to what that guy likes so you can take the conversation into that direction. This will help you in flirting by setting a stage open for discussion and giving you more opportunities to indicate your interest in him. They identify these cues quite quickly and you will easily discover whether or not to pursue with that guy any further in no time.

As you flirt with them, remember that you do not show them your sexual preferences exclusively. This may lead into two widely different situations. Either they can get completely horrified by your behaviour and end the conversation with you in embarrassment or he may offer you to take things at the next level – to get sexual with you. If you prefer to take the chance, be simple and straight rather than aggressive. A straight man will indicate his sexual preferences right away and it will save you any kind of embarrassment at a later stage.

Getting little tricks about flirting with men can help you a long way. While flirting with a straight guy, you must remember a few things. A bisexual or a gay can easily flirt with a straight guy as far as they do not publicly demonstrate their sexual desires with him. Usually, a normal guy would not want to disclose his sexual relationship with men in public.

Remember that while trying to flirt a straight guy, you stand only a slightly lower chance of being successful than flirting with gays or bis, so you need not be pushy and end up into embarrassment. Rather speak yourself to him and give him a chance to make his choice.


Source by Tim Travolta

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