How Can Christians Be Gay In Light Of The Bible?


Can Christians be gay and not have to live in constant turmoil and frustration? Can Christians be gay period? How can Christians be gay when the Bible seems to condemn same sex sexual activity? There are many questions to be asked for same sex attracted Christians and those who care about them (not all Christians do sadly). Often young GLTB people are conditioned in Church to believe that their sexual orientation is an offensive thing to their Creator. This has the effect of silencing gay people, which prevents them learning and socializing like other do. This can cause all kinds of problems.

Can Christians be gay when most Christians say it’s an abomination? How can young people stand up to that? Many Christians believe that being gay is not a sin, but acting on it is. One person recently commented on a blog post on my site by saying that he believed God was interested in us being comfortable or happy. He was disagreeing with my views about homosexuality, which is fine, but to think that God didn’t want us to be happy – what type of a miserable God is that!

How can Christians be gay when the Church is filled with people who do not accept and support them? Where is the brotherly love? The man who responded to my blog obviously has no experience of a loving God. I would like to say to him, “Why do you believe in this God?” I would like to shock him out of his deception and get him to rethink his condemning views. I know I couldn’t have faith in God unless He was good to me – and I can.

The first step I teach people to do when they want to sort out this question of whether Christians can be gay is to work out why they are gay. Christian gay conversion therapy teaches that gay men are gay because of unmet homo-emotional needs that turn into sexualized desires. This means that they believe all men have ‘natural’ same-sex emotional needs, and if those needs are not met ‘naturally’, they get turned into sexual desires, which is ‘unnatural’. When I finally asked myself why I was gay I came to the knowledge that there were no reasons, despite what the Church had taught me. I simply was.

When people want to know how can Christians be gay this is a vital step in the process to ask. The majority of GLBT Christians live in fear of their sexuality and God and then there are the many who turn away from their faith because they need their sanity and feel they can’t have both. After much biblical study and contemplation I came to the realisation that I can have both.

After three months of solid searching for the truth, study, and discussions with other gay Christians and supporters, I managed to lay a sure foundation in my life that God made me gay and that he himself was in fact gay too. Obviously God is not only homosexual, but that He is Omnisexual and we all have a personal expression and part of his omnisexuality.

How can Christians be gay in light of Biblical scripture? Believe the scriptures! The narrative of Sodom in Genesis nineteen reveals a story only of homosexual rape, rather than that of homosexual love or passion. In recent centuries this passage of scripture has been wildly used to condemn gay and lesbian people, but the truth is that those very Christians who say these thing are committing the very shameful acts that the people of Sodom committed, which was inhospitality towards foreigners or those who are not one of them.

Gay Christians need to approve of themselves in order to find the peace they crave. God already approves and accepts them, but they need to give this to themselves too. With a little education on scripture you can find that the Bible does not have anything negative to say about being GLBT. If this is the case then we can fully and wholeheartedly embrace being gay.

The man who commented on my blog happens to be an alcoholic. Sadly for him he may remain this way unless he comes to know he is okay. People rot when they believe they are bad, and believing being gay is an abomination causes gay people to hate themselves and live in fear. It can also be a cause of mental illness. The cure therefore is to believe homosexuality is a gift from God as much as any other form of God-given sexuality.


Source by Scott Mckernan

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