How to Treat a Semen Infection


In this highly affianced social world, all of us are surrounded by numerous deadly enemies that are keeping a constant eye on us, and just waiting for our single mistake to destroy our beautiful life. Yes! We are talking about life-threatening bacterial pathogens that enter our body through various reasons encompassing unprotected sex, wound, poor hygiene, or through transfusion of the contaminated blood. These pathogens not only are the reasons for our pains, but also steal the peace from our lives. People suffering from these medical problems, often get extremely nervous because they find it embarrassing, which is one of the reasons for their stress and spoiled personal relationships. On the contrary, this topic has limited information available on the Internet, which sometimes misguides patients and makes their life miserable.

But, here is a piece of good news! Most of these infections are curable. They are usually found in the patient’s semen/urine culture test, ordered their doctor. So, whenever you feel burning sensation in your urine for more than one week, or find tiny blood drops in it, there are chances that you are attacked by any bacterial infection. The most common pathogens are Enterococcus, Klebsiella, Staphylococci, or other, which are overlapped on each other at times. So, if you are suffering from this problem, it is advisable to have patience during your treatment, as they will vanish one by one from your semen/urine. Their growth in your semen/urine may be mild, scanty, moderate or heavy according to their resistance to antibiotics; your doctor prescribes medicines that are either consumed orally or through intravenous (injection in vein) procedure. After every antibiotic course, your doctor may order semen/urine test to evaluate the progress of your health. It is recommended to follow the good diet during the course of antibiotics to keep the medicine related side-effects at bay. Here is a recommended diet, which speeds up your recovery against these bacterial infections:

Milk: It is advisable to start your day with a glass of milk, which is extremely useful for your immunity. You can also include fruits including apple, orange, papaya, or watermelon in your lunch, which is useful to detoxify your body.

Soup: You can make soup by including the ingredients such as carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and turmeric, which is known to be extremely useful to clear any bacterial infection. Researches reveal that ginger and garlic are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that help your body to quickly wipe out the bacteria. Moreover, you can also include cucumber, reddish, and tomatoes in your salad to improvise your digestive system.

Curd: Make sure to have curd/yogurt in your diet at least once a day, as it is known to have good bacterium that kills the bad bacteria present in your body.

Even if the infection clears from your semen, it is advisable to get your semen tested every month at least for three months, which will assure you that the infection is not occurred again. Last, but not the least, if you are married and suffering from this infection, there are chances of transmitting it to your spouse. Thus, abstaining from sex during the course of medication will certainly be a good idea. It is strongly recommended consulting your doctor before following any of the mentioned information in this article.


Source by Choco Verma

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