Living With a Bisexual Husband


Many women suspect that their husband is bisexual or has bisexual tendencies, and they are very understandably worried.  Some of the main fears that they have are have to do not just whether this is indeed the case, but these fears are often focused on what that would mean for their marriage.

If a man is bisexual, does that mean that his wife has to constantly be worried that he is cheating on her?  Does she have to spend the rest of her life worrying about catching HIV, AIDS, or some other STD?  Is divorce the only other option she has besides living the rest of her life with infidelity?

The answer to all these questions in a resounding “no.”  A man may be bisexual, but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK for him to cheat on his wife.  Just like a heterosexual man has an obligation to remain faithful to his wife, no matter how attractive and seductive his secretary may be, a man who is bisexual and married has the same obligations of fidelity.

Even if your husband is bisexual– meaning that he is attracted to men sexually as well as women, or enjoys sex with men in addition to women– you can still re-establish a loving committed marriage.  This is not necessarily going to be easy, but you basically need to take the same steps you would if he had been cheating on you with a woman, and not a man.

This is something that is very important to keep in mind if you suspect that your husband is bisexual.  Finding out that he is doesn’t mean that you always have to come second, or that you have to get divorced.  You can work things out between the two of you.


Source by Melody Hawkins

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