Masturbation As a Five Senses Experience


One of the great things about masturbation is that there really isn’t a right way to do it. If a guy prefers masturbation seated instead of standing, kneeling, or lying down, that’s fine. Left hand or right hand or both hands – perfectly reasonable to go with any choice. As long as penis health isn’t impacted by it, there aren’t really bad choices. That said, guys often fall into a set habit about how they masturbate, and every now and then it can be a good idea to shake things up a bit just to expand their masturbation horizons. For example, it may be good to change up which of the five senses one incorporates into one’s masturbation routine.

Now, clearly masturbation is going to involve some form of touch – unless one has become a true master at the difficult art of hands-free masturbation, that is. But the fact is that all of the senses can be used in masturbating, and if a guy always uses the same one or two, he might find it a nice change to try something a little different.


Even when it comes to the old standby, touch, a man can do things differently if he so desires. For example, if he typically masturbates with his right hand, he can try his left. Or perhaps not use his hands at all, but instead try lying face down on the bed and grinding his hips so that his penis rubs against the bedsheets. He might also take a bath and manually stimulate his penis while it is submerged underwater or use a shower jet-spray as a means of stimulating it.


Next to touch, sight is the one of the senses most likely employed by men during masturbation. Men tend to be visual creatures, and the amount of pornography easily available on the internet makes incorporating sight into masturbation easy. But again, switching things up might be rewarding. This may mean choosing a different area of sexual activity for viewing, such as bisexual videos instead of heterosexual or those which focus on a fetish, such as sexual activity involving the feet. Men can also consider non-video visual stimulation, such as classical nude paintings or photographs of clothed women in seductive poses.


For some, this may simply mean turning the sound on while watching adult videos, but there can be other audio choices to consider. There are many erotic stories which are available online as MP3s or as other sound files which can be highly entertaining. Listening to other people masturbating and/or discussing their sexual fantasies can also be an arousing experience. And if a man tends to be quiet when masturbating, he can experiment with letting loose vocally, via moans, groans, and dirty talk.


The sense of smell often comes into play in sexual situations – which is why men and women wear certain scents. There are many scents which are often associated with sex, such as musk, ginger, vanilla, lavender, etc. But every guy is unique, so he should think about the scents that turn him on and use them when fondling himself.


Again, what works for a man in the taste department can be a highly individual choice. But swallowing a little of his favorite arousing flavors while indulging in self-satisfaction can make a nice change.

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Source by John Dugan

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