Sex, Controversy, Art and Fame


Wang Guiquan is famous now…barely two days ago, a Google search had nothing on her. Today, there are reports, blogs, articles and discussions all over the internet – from China and Japan to India, Germany and further afield.

She did her thing and that raised a controversy and now she has an acknowledged presence in the world of art.

I remember a little incident that happened while I was still at college. One of the students there wrote a piece on the prevalence of homosexuality at the college hostel. The college is and was one of the best-reputed institutions in India and the article was published in a magazine that was somewhat well-known and popular with the young English-reading public, especially students.

In the article, the young man alleged there was rampant homosexuality within the college hostel and the gutsy young man who spoke with a lisp and in a manner well below the standards of the college made instant enemies. He had a harrowing time for the next few days and faced a lot of ire from the students and the management at the college. However, the anger cooled down soon enough. More importantly, he was noticed by the publishing world and though his English was merely average, if not worse, he was soon contributing articles to some pretty well-known publications.

Today, he is a senior journalist working with a reputed publication. Assuredly, his English has improved considerably since those stormy days and he has learnt a lot about his craft. And, he is famous…well, famous enough!

So, Wang Guiquan with her bold expression and about twenty pictures of her nudes and close-ups of her genitals in ‘Experimental Space’, an exhibition in Nanjing has already attracted a lot of attention and notoriety, if you like. She has also, surely, made a lot of enemies and critics but she has fired what might be the biggest salvo of her fledgeling career.

There is no tonic like sex and controversy to give a heady push to an artist’s career.

Wang Guiquan, deserves support and encouragement from all who believe in art because, in the world of art, an artist has just been born.


Source by Rajesh Kanoi

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