Suppression of Women and Discrimination Against Women Is Rife in All Societies


There can be no doubt that women are second class citizens in every country. Even in communist societies they are absent from most of the political positions and there is yet to be a president of a communist country. In Islamic countries, such as Iran, a woman’s word is half the value of a man’s in a court of law. In Western countries the prejudice against the female sex is evident from the time of birth to death. Women are just not given the same opportunities, respected in the same way as their male counterparts, and when they achieve high office, as the only female Prime Minister in Australia did recently, they face ridicule and put down.

Women in many countries are denied access to education and schools are also places of suppression when it comes to promoting the right mindsets for success in a male dominated business or other type of profession. That became evident when a young girl was shot this year in Pakistan for pursuing education.

My reincarnation and passage from life to life throws light on what this is like. In my last life I was a man who died around 45 years of age. In this life, now as a woman, things are a lot different. It has been shown to me that everyone is back who ever lived and that is why there is overpopulation and the numbers keep growing,

It is also the case that retribution for what people are and how they treat others is also happening. Many who were one sex in one life are now back as the opposite sex in this one. They are enduring the pain they once inflicted on others. Similarly some who were of one colour of skin are now of another race entirely. This is their retribution as they suffer the torture of what they once dished out.

As judgment continues those who are of the Spirit have everything to gain. They are the ones who are favoured to actually receive eternal life and to inherit the restored earth.

Isaiah 59:1-16 speaks of the others as those whose hands are defiled with blood, whose lips speak lies and who grope for the wall at midday as in the night. There is no man worthy to speak for God, according to verse 59:16 and yet women are cursed as being unfit to serve God by religions universally. Isaiah 42:14 states that in the end it is a woman who will carry the message from God for the end times.

Micah 4:10-13 nominates her as the Daughter of Zion and she will return the spiritual to the Mountain of God and Mt. Zion as she removes the wall that has blocked the knowledge and caused the pain. Discrimination and suppression of women is about to end. Isaiah 35:10 promises that all sorrow and sighing shall flee away when that happens.


Source by Norma Holt

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