The Last Refuge Written By Ben Coes


A fantastic story by Ben Coes and a terrific follow-up on his first two suspenseful books. This book also features rough, tough, durable, knowledgeable, and independent Dewey Andreas. This story is fiction but it fits right in with the problems in the world today. It could share headlines too easily with the news of the day. The same president, Rob Allaire, that shared Ben’s first two books, is in the beginning of this book but has a stroke and dies before any help can get to him. Vice President J. P. Dellenbaugh, not nearly the sharp and personable man that Allaire had been, took over the presidency.

Dewey and Jessica Tanzer, the National Security Advisor, knew each other very well on the job and personally, along with Calibrisi, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, along with several other government leaders were summoned to Washington immediately. None of them knew what was going on, especially with all of those important departments of the government involved. They were taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital where they learned of the death of their president.

Too many things were going on in the world at this time that stretched law enforcement to its limit and beyond. It seems that the great grandson of Golda Meir, Kohl Meir, had come to the United States secretly to contact Dewey Andreas among some other important business. While he was there he was kidnapped and taken back to Iran for torture in their escape-proof prison. He would be beaten almost to the point of no return. One of the lead hard-core Revolutionary Guards, Abu Paria, was turned lose on Kohl Meir and did he do a job on him with almost every method of torture known to man. Meir would not break no matter how horrific the beatings were and how long they lasted. Meir was a tough man.

Iran had a plan. They had been working on a nuclear weapon for some time now regardless that the United Nations and the United States told them to stop their madness to generate such a weapon. Proof was found that they did indeed have a nuclear bomb with the words written on it “Goodbye Tel Aviv” as they planned to get the bomb into the center of Tel Aviv, explode it, and wipe out Israel. Dewey was sent with several other deep cover spies to find the bomb and stop the madness.

You will follow the bomb as it is moved and follow Dewey and his cohorts as they attempt to track it down. There is all kinds of mystery, deep intrigue, love, torture and murder, and all the while knowing that fierce operatives such as Paria was so adept at counteracting Dewey and his associates. Many characters were scattered through the book, characters that Coes has planted in the right place at the right time. This book by Ben Coes makes me want his next book NOW!


Source by Cy Hilterman

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