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Most times staphylococcal infection in men is not easily detected until it has done a lot of damages to reproductive organs. Such a man will be having some common symptoms like feverish condition, fatigue, headache, and quick ejaculation, and internal heat, worn-like moving sensation in the body, body weakness, and stomach noise. These symptoms to him will seem normal until he goes to hospital for a test before he can really detect that he has a big problem. Any man that feels any two or more of the above symptoms should go for a laboratory test, seminal fluid analysis (S.F.A) to do the culture and sensitivity of the semen.

Staphylococcal infections can lead to infertility both in men and women. Experience has shown that infertility in majority of men is usually due to one infection or another. More than 30 percent of modern couples, from mid-thirties to the mid-forties are infertile. The inability of man and a woman of reproductive age to produce offspring after unprotected sexual intercourse are defined as infertility. A couple should seek help if the woman is younger than 35 years and has not become pregnant after having unprotected intercourse while ovulating. Most men are usually not aware of the fact that in most cases of infertility they are the guilty party.

Although, there are various reasons that can lead to infertility in men, from lifestyle, diet, the nature of his occupation and any history of venereal disease. When a man contacts a venereal disease and if not well treated or cured could lead to staphylococcal infection. Male fertility should be strictly continuous and not cyclical from puberty ill extreme old age, the healthy and viral man produces spermatozoa continuously. The fertility is induced and controlled by the follicle-stimulating hormone (F.S.H) and of the pituitary gland, just as in woman.


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