What Is Prostate Milking And How It Makes Life Better


It is a descriptive term used for the process of relieving the body from a build up of seminal fluids in the prostate gland. The fluids are discharged in such a unique way that involves a massage and no orgasm is attained. Prostate milking is a sexual fetish practiced by a certain community that believes in erotic sexual denial. It involves a long term abstinence of a male from orgasm and ejaculation. The man will stay for many weeks and months without engaging in sexual activities. Anything that might lead to an orgasm and an eventual ejaculation is avoided. Even masturbation is kept at bay as the man preserves himself for “milking” at a later date when he is ready and full.

The main reason for prostate milking in this case is to cool down and reduce the level of sexual arousal though temporarily. This is where the milking process starts for the male recipient. The prostate gland is now filled with prostatic fluid which was accumulated after such a long self denial and abstinence from orgasm and ejaculation. The cardinal reason for the prostate milking is to reduce the level of sexual arousal after such a long abstinence. The prostate is gently and indirectly massaged through the perineum or directly by gently rubbing the eyeball. The process is undertaken using an index finger gloved with latex. Attention is given to the lobes surrounding the prostate gland by gently massaging them. Due to the induced fullness of the prostate, it is contracted voluntarily and sometimes consciously. This results in the prostate emptying itself.

“Prostate milking” as a term is more or less the same as “prostate massage” but the two terms conflict when it comes to the real meaning and usage. “Milking has a more erotic connotation to it and is a sexual fetish exclusively used and practiced by communities in the sexual fetish. It is rarely used. When trying to describe the stimulation of the prostate gland under normal and more conventional circumstances the term prostate massage would be more appropriate. It is either stimulated to gain medical or sexual benefits. The manual manipulation of the prostate gland either done internally using a lubricated finger to forestall a medical condition emanating from the state of the prostate gland. It may also be done by a professional prostate massager and result in a powerful ejaculation without involving any genital stimulation.

Prostate milking is hinged on the prostate gland as the key behind male orgasm. Its location adjacent to the rectum calls for the deliberate arousal and stimulation of the anal area. Though not many people realize it, the anal area is a highly excitable and erotic area with dozens upon dozens of nerve endings. The area is usually considered dirty by many ( though your body can never be dirty) and having vested interests in the region is akin to homosexual tendencies. It is the stereotypes in the society because a prostate stimulation is good for your health if you can consult the medical gurus.


Source by Francis K Githinji

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