Who Stands Out As Best Candidate for President of the USA?


In the wake of the disastrous and extremely damaging Trump Administration and performance the next president needs to be someone special. He or she has to be young, vibrant, well-educated, capable, and fit. That rules out all of those 70 years and older. While some might think that someone in that category has what it takes then they need to think again. Leaders making a difference now are well below that age.

The world is a far different place to the one in which the seniors grew up in. It is rapidly changing and facing multiple problems that only younger people can deal with. They are better communicators about climate change, technology, and above all the LGBTQ movement.

Whether the older generations like it or not we are in a time when people’s sexuality and preferences matter. Many countries are embracing the trend to accept same-sex marriage and other things related to it. We no longer have the choice to abandon and ridicule people for who they are or want to be.

It is extremely sad to know of the suffering, mental and otherwise, that people go through because they are born different to what religious societies expect. Suicide and murder have seen many leave this world far to young. Others struggle to hide who they are.

Isn’t it time, therefore, for one who understands the plight of such people to take the reins? Isn’t it also time for someone who has fought in a war and who understands what real suffering is about to be given a chance? Isn’t it time to get back to a person who wants to help reduce climate change and restore the USA to its former place in the world?

Right now, many in other countries are looking on it as a joke. More than that they also see how much of a flop it is in relationship with Western Allies and those it needs to support. In recent days the case of the Kurds and their abandonment to genocide by Turkey stands out.

There is one person among the Democrats who meets all of the criteria necessary to bring the country back to where it once was. The man is a Rhodes scholar, a Harvard graduate, and one who knows what to do about climate change and the social needs of the people. He is also gay and in a same-sex relationship. It now needs for the electorate to wake up and look at who and what he is for a better future for the United States and the world.


Source by Norma Holt

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