Why the World Is Awash With Homosexuals and Homophobic Reactions to Them


With so many declaring they are gay or homosexual one must query why is there such a vast number and why at this time? One must also ask why there is such a homophobic reaction against them? Some treat them like a bad dose of leprosy and avoid contact with them. Others may tolerate them but secretly abhor them. It’s an unspoken war that pervades every society and community.

My memory of reincarnation provides answers. In my last life I was a man and in this one a woman. My death was sudden and hovering above the body and gazing down on it made me aware of certain facts.

In darkness and with the Spirit of the Universe a vision showed my next life ahead as a line drawn out in front. Next my new parents were being married as I hovered above them and was born one month later.

From the start my memory is strong and I was born with a different language to my parents but can’t recall what it was. That is the thing that preserved my experience fresh in my mind and the strength of being a man in my previous life made this one more trying. It also maintained a strong link to the Spirit who has guided me through my life.

At first there was little to be worried about until my father made a comment one day when I was struggling to carry a 5-gallon drum of petrol. I was all of 5 years old and his word “Norma, you can’t do that you are only a girl” cut me to the quick.

A girl! That’s when my happy new life turned somewhat sour. How could I achieve anything in this body? It made me depressed and for some time remained a dark shadow over me.

That is why many cannot accommodate their new sexuality after reincarnation. In today’s world we have everyone who has lived back in their bodies because we are in the last days and judgement by God is now enacted. That is why we have such a huge number of homosexuals or transvestites at this time.

After 2 World Wars and all the other conflicts with plagues and other things taking their toll people have died and returned rather quickly. The change of sex they have experienced is telling along with the number of so-called ‘gifted’ children who have brought with them their knowledge and skills from previous times.

The Internet has many stories of reincarnation in video form so that anyone who doubts it can easily look up the evidence and proof of it. Those who seek to murder such people for being sexually different should consider their passage from life to life as a reason for it.


Source by Norma Holt

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